Established in 2018, Gilberti is an Italian-American creative agency helping brands achieve greater influence by aligning strategy, design, and technology.


Our name is a symbol of our philosophy. We love envisioning a positive future and doing our part to create it. It’s our mission to help illuminate the way forward for brands, bringing their future into reality.


We believe in a holistic approach that includes strategic direction, design, and web development, all working together within one team. Our creative process enables us to uncover brand potential and opportunities for formulating an exciting and emotionally resonant visual narrative. This provides a strong foundation leading to the design and development of all key touchpoints.



Giuseppe Gilberti


Born and raised in Milan, Italy Giuseppe Gilberti has always combined technology and design. Giuseppe’s informatics skills grew exponentially during the school period. He has improved his skills working in various companies in the field of web marketing and designer as a freelancer. Each experience added to both personal insight and ability. In 2018, Giuseppe established himself independently, realizing a longstanding dream that allows him the freedom to create client-specific solutions that truly reflect his profound dedication to design, web and developing.